No Deposit Bonus Without Wagering Requirements

  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Currently, there is increased number of online casinos. For example, you can find some of the online casinos operating in the Newzealand market at . With over 100 casinos online, offering online casino games, we can say they are all direct rivals. Every online casino is up to slash the gambling pie. Their main aim is to attract and retain as many players as possible.

The Use of Offers

With the increased competition, every online casino has its own strategy of retaining their customers. The main one is the use of different offers. Those offers include free money, free games, or even free spins. If you are new to any online casino, you should be keen on the types of offers available. Here are some of the factors that influence the size of offer?

  • Type of player. Either new player or seasoned.
  • The size of the online casino bussiness.

When you are new to the site, you are likely to get a welcome bonus. The bonus is normally there to motivate you to make a deposit. For seasoned players, you will also get different offers to make you keep playing for the casino. All those offers will differ depending on the market share of the company. Big casino bussinesses will have bigger offfers.

No Wagering Bonuses

No wagering bonus is a special type of bonus where a player is given a small bundle of funds to play with. Such bonuses do not require to be matched with any amount of deposit. Non-deposit bonuses are always low in value ( there is no casino that can give out a large pile of cash). Once the player claims the bonus, they have the freedom to control it.

In most cases, the players who want to taste different casino actions love to claim this free non-deposit bonus. For example, you can use it to taste different titles available in the casino before committing your money. If you find that those games do not excite you, you can switch to another casino. By so doing, you are actually playing safe.

Ways to Claim the Bonus

There are different ways you can claim a free no-deposit bonus. The most popular one is the registration. Most casinos will offer a no-deposit gift as a way to attract and keep new players. All you need is to register an account, and you are good to go. In some cases, you have to do an account confirmation. It involves mostly confirming your email and phone number.

Other casinos will require you to subscribe to their newsletters before claiming a bonus. In other cases, you may be required to like, comment, or even share their blog posts and youtube channels. It is a strategy that makes most casinos use to make their brand known. They use players to advertise them. In return, they will get free money to use on the site.

  • A player can withdraw the initial bonus and any winnings associated with the bonus.
  • You can also use the free money to buy some free spins in slot games.

Wagering Requirement Explained

If you have been playing on different online casinos, you might have come across this buzzword. What does it mean, and why should you be concerned? Well, the wagering requirement is simply the number of times you need to play on a bonus before you are allowed to withdraw the cash. Different online casinos bonuses have different wagering requirements. It is set by casino owners (no industrial standard).

For example, if an online casino has a non-deposit bonus of €20 and a wagering requirement of 20x, it means you have to wager not less than €400 before withdrawing your bonus or winnings associated with the bonus. The wagering requirement is set to keep off any players who tend to misuse freebies. In most bonuses, wagering requirement range between 15x to 50x.

  • Wagering requiremet is set to keep players for a longer time in a casino.
  • Most wagering requirements have an expiry date (mostly 30 days).


No-deposit Bonus With Non-wagering Requirements

In some cases, you will get a non-deposit bonus that has no wagering conditions. Such deposits are rare and only available on bigger online casinos. Once you claim this bonus, it is deposited into your account. You can choose to withdraw or use it to unlock some advanced game stages or even extra spins if you are playing on a slot game.

The availability of such bonuses is always rare. If a casino is offering, they will indicate on their bonus policy. In most cases, those bonus terms are hidden somewhere deeper in the site. It is your duty to dig dipper and find them. Most of the illegal casinos will use freebies to trap players. It is good to be careful. If the bonus seems unrealistic, think twice.